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Second Hand Smoke Detector

Lishore Kumar & Anwitha Kumbham


Completed in 2023, this project explores a portable device that detects formaldehyde in the body through breath analysis, providing an effective and affordable method to test for smoke-induced indoor air pollution.

Lishore and Anwitha's Story


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Lishore is a high school student at Tomball Memorial High School in Tomball, TX, and Anwitha is a high school student at Heritage High School in Frisco, TX. 


Lishore and Anwitha developed SecondChance, a compact and reusable device that utilizes breath analysis to detect formaldehyde in the body. SecondChance offers an accessible and affordable method to test for smoke-induced indoor air pollution, specifically targeting biomass combustion and recreational secondhand smoke exposure. 


Lishore and Anwitha's project was inspired by their family's experience with osteoarthritis. They sought to develop a comprehensive management system to minimize stress for patients and their families, while also addressing the inequities faced by marginalized communities in accessing appropriate treatment.


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Use the form below to submit a donation for Lishore and Anwitha's project! Funds will be used to help them develop a final prototype and explore the business-related areas of her project. 


Please write "Lishore & Anwitha" in the comment box. 

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