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Greywater Recycling for Hydroponic Agriculture

Josie Barber & Mason Sufnarski


Completed in 2022, this project employs a method of low-cost greywater recycling and hydroponic agriculture to address resource management challenges.

Josie & Mason's Story

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Josie is a high school senior from Mercer Island, Washington, and Mason is an undergraduate at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.


In their project, Josie and Mason developed a novel, low-cost device that can recycle greywater for hydroponic agriculture. Employing the Human-Centered Design Process, Josie and Mason first evaluated the efficacy of using organic materials for low-cost greywater filtration. They supplemented this research with experimental tests on lettuce plants to investigate the feasibility of the "Kratky Method" of hydroponic agriculture. After this, they finalized a prototype and are currently pursuing a Provisional Patent for their work.


Josie and Mason were inspired by the water-scarcity problem in South Africa, an issue Josie has become familiar with during visits to see her grandparents. However, they realize their work is applicable to every low-income, water-scarce country, which is an end-user population of 2.7 billion people. 



Use the form below to submit a donation for Josie & Mason's project! Funds will assist Josie and Mason during their pursuit to find investors for the device to permit scaling and eventual commercialization for end-users. 


Please write "Josie & Mason" in the comment box. 

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