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Cooling Vest

Alexandra Xie


Completed in 2023, this project explores the design and functionality of a thermal vest designed to effectively cool down people's bodies. 

Alexandra's Story

Alexandra is a high school student at Green Hope High School in Cary, NC. 



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Alexandra's project focuses on the design of a thermal vest aimed at cooling down a user's body. The vest incorporates features like cotton for ventilation, zippers for adjustable fit and airflow, and embedded phase change materials (PCMs) that absorb and release heat energy. By placing PCM layers and designing a corresponding bottom garment, Alexandra aims to enhance the cooling capabilities of the vest for optimal user comfort and sustainability.


Alexandra was inspired by the alarming risks of heat strain experienced by outdoor workers. Witnessing the detrimental impact of heat-related illnesses, she was motivated to develop effective solutions, fueled by a deep concern for the well-being of workers exposed to hot and humid conditions.



Use the form below to submit a donation for Alexandra's project! Funds will be used to help Alexandra develop a final prototype and explore the business-related areas of her project. 


Please write "Alexandra Xie" in the comment box. 

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