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Energy App Concept

Jairo Vaduz


Completed in 2023, this project investigates an app for Raleigh residents that uses Duke Energy data to identify peak consumption months and provide personalized sustainability recommendations for customers. 

Jairo's Story

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Jairo is a student at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School in Raleigh, NC. 


Jairo's project is an app to assist Raleigh residents in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By integrating with their Duke Energy accounts, the app utilizes consumption data to identify peak usage months. Jairos' app uses an algorithm that analyzes this data and provides users with customized recommendations to adopt sustainable practices. With this, he created a real-time data device that complies with Duke Energy's requirements, allowing for immediate and accurate consumption monitoring.


Jairo was inspired to complete this project after identifying gaps in the Raleigh Climate Action Plan, particularly in addressing building and energy usage as significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. 


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