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Biking Prosthetic for Leg Prosthesis Patients

Ela Savas


Completed in 2022, this project engineers a device that improves mobility in  individuals with leg braces to permit the ability to use a bike. 

Ela's Story

Ela is a current high school student in Durham, North Carolina.




In her project, Ela engineered a solution to the lack of exercise mobility in individuals with leg braces. The device works by connecting a carbon brace to thespeed play cleats of a bike. This enables the individual to pedal, providing the mobility to use the bike. 


Ela was inspired by the occurrence of nerve damage in patients undergoing chemotherapy. She first sought to design an ankle brace that reinstitute mobility for patients with nerve damage, but she eventually shifted to the development of a generic ankle brace for individuals seeking to exercise with a bike. 


Use the form below to submit a donation for Ela's project! Funds will assist Ela in the development of her prototype and pursuits to scale her project.


Please write "Ela Savas" in the comment box. 


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