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Noreen Majeed


Completed in 2023, this project explores a program that allows individuals to motivate healthcare patients on a virtual platform.

Noreen's Story

Noreen is a high school student at Raleigh Charter High School in Raleigh, NC.



IMG_8423 - Noreen Majeed.jpg

Noreen's project focuses on a program that motivates patients through youth and individuals having a platform to send personalized and motivational texts and calls. Patients can speak to the person in normal conversation to foster positive relations amongst age cohorts spanning generations to help create a more inclusive, positive community in healthcare. 

PUSH Website:​


Noreen's project was inspired by the importance of self-worth and a strong, uplifting community. Noreen did not seek to address a singular issue, but instead affect a greater community by encouraging people to live more fulfilling lives. She identified a target population well into the thousands, spanning different states and countries across the world. 


2D Sketch - Noreen Majeed.png
3D Sketch - Noreen Majeed.png
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Use the form below to submit a donation for Noreen's project! Funds will be used to help Alexandra develop a final prototype and explore the business-related areas of her project. 


Please write "Noreen Majeed" in the comment box. 

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