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Knee Osteoarthritis Solution

Prisha Rathi


Completed in 2023, this project explores an accessible knee osteoarthritis solution integrating technology into a brace and app.

Prisha's Story

Prisha is a high school student at Enloe Magnet High School in Raleigh, NC. 



Prisha-11th_Grade - Prisha Rathi.JPG

Prisha's project investigates a custom-designed a knee brace integrated with advanced technologies and an app to facilitate collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals. Her project aims to address ecological concerns, enhance comfort, and foster a supportive community for individuals with chronic conditions.


Prisha's project was inspired by her familial history and witness to Mild Moderate Knee Osteoarthritis, which motivated her to focus on developing a comprehensive OA management system for the patient and family. Prisha was also inspired by the inequities present in the solutions to OA, prompting her to evaluate the problem landscape and pursue a new solution. 


Use the form below to submit a donation for Prisha's project! Funds will be used to help Prisha develop a final prototype and explore the business-related areas of her project. 


Please write "Prisha Rathi" in the comment box. 


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